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Came across this interesting looking babe lately and she is a sight to behold, she looks just like a life size barbie doll that you can cuddle and cherish. I still have a hard believing she is real but apparently she is quite famous over in Russia, don't know much more about her. However a girl like this you would obviously put up on a shelf encased in glass so you can keep her preserved, or maybe your more like me and would rip her clothes off and ravage her. Whatever your intentions she is a true wonder I wonder how she comes up with that look, she is like a real life anime chick. She needs to come to the United States because with a body like that she can definitely command top dollars from all us perverts, and if it turns out that I'm wrong and she is a real doll then let me know where I can buy one!!

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Thank goodness the great Sarah Vandella is back making the world a better place by making more porn movies for us, she just announced on twitter that she is tested and ready to get her holes drilled again. Looks like she has already started as she posted a picture of her sucking Sean Michaels monster black cock. We've definitely missed Sarah while she has been gone, she is an amazing slut and we have admired her for a long time now. Check her out at her profile and show her some love.

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Well I was so damn happy to read over the week that the fabulous Kagney Linn Karter has returned to porn and ask we speak is shooting new scenes, I was very sad when I check late last year and saw she hadn't put out any new scenes lately. However it is a new year and our sweet little angel is back with vengeance shooting scenes for her website and for other companies such as Brazzers and Bang Bros, and best of all she getting her fix of big black cock also. She has already shot some scenes with her favorites Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, and also Sean Michaels which we can't wait to see! Kagney Linn Karter has got to be the most beautiful girl in porn right and the wildest, we can't wait to see what she has in store for us in 2014. Below are some pics we have found from her new shoots to prove that we are telling the truth, check her out with the short hair!

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Well everyone loves sweet little Anne Hathaway, star of the new film Les Miserables coming out on Christmas day. Her career seems to be at its peak coming off the success of the latest Batman movie, but she decided to be a little freaky and toss the panties when going out on the town recently. Which can be a dangerous thing when the paparazzi are following you around just waiting to pounce, and pounce they did when she got out of the car at an event. So now the whole world knows that Anne Hathaway keeps her sweet little pussy nice and trimmed, I bet it's very tasty and smells good too. When your dating billionaire playboy fraudsters its important to keep your pussy clean and neat, I'm sure she has millions of new obsessed fans all over the world now who are more than willing to drink her bathwater. Its not often that an actress of her stature has a wardrobe malfunction like this, so all us perverts should savor the moment and be grateful for this early Chistmas gift Anne has given us. Perhaps this incident will inspire me to actually go see one of her movies.

You know here at Slut Worship I try to keep this site fairly light hearted and friendly and not dwelve into politics or behind the scenes porn drama, I'm here mostly to promote my favorite sluts and have a good time doing it. However sometimes issues come up that effect all of us porn lovers and we have to take action, I am speaking about the law on the November ballot known as Measure B. This would require all porn performers in the San Fernando Valley to use condoms when filming porn scenes, if are aren't aware the San Fernando Valley is where about 90% of the porn you watch is filmed. So if this law is passed it will affect a lot of people and businesses,  I personally think it is just a ploy to harrass porn producers and force them out of Southern California.
Even though using condoms is a requirement for us regular folks who enjoy sleeping with random strangers, when we watch porn we are indulging in a fantasy and condoms just don't fit into that fantasy. When I watch a porn scene and see that there is a condom in place that just spoils it for me, I almost automatically begin a fast forward to the next scene. This is a big reason why you almost never catch me watching porn films from producers like Vivid or Wicked who use condoms a lot in their scenes, to me it just makes the sex less real or something. I'm also such a pervert that I like to think of the porn chick being a complete slut and giving it up to any cock that comes her way, and to me she is just a second stage slut if she is requiring condoms.
Porn performers take a huge risk everytime they film a scene, and the porn world has a system in place that I think has done an excellent job in recent years of protecting them. There have been a few tragic incidents of performers catching HIV but the porn world has responded responsibly by shutting down filming for a period of time, so I believe the current system we have is as good as we can make it. Most of these incidents were caused by performers not taking responsibility for their actions by falsifying medical documents so they could continue performing, which in my opinion there should be a law that puts performers that do this in prison.
I look at porn performers as like professional athletes, there is a risk of great bodily injury in what they do but the reward is also great. They make their own choices as whether to participate in scenes without condoms and should continue to do so, because if its required it will have a dramatic effect upon the industry and not for the better. The only positive thing I see about it passing is it would cause the core of porn producers to relocate their activities elsewhere such as Florida which is where I live, but then that would be selfish of me to actually wish that upon them. Anyway if you live in Southern California please Vote No on Measure B and keep porn dirty, porn has enough problems already with declining sales to also have this put upon them.

So it has been all over the news today that there is a sex tape featuring rapper Kanye West, and he is now trying to convince us that he is totally upset about it. I think it is just another desperate attempt by Kanye to try and stay relevant, since no one really listens to his music anymore after people realized what a total douchebag he really is. However being such a huge douchebag makes him a complete magnet for the rich sluts of the world, which is why he is currently dating Kim Kardashian. I was quite surprised when she began dating him because she usually goes for fucking machines, or as we commonly call them professional athletes. I mean her pussy has been beat up by more NFL running backs than most defensive lines, I was shocked that she would go for such an inferior type of black man but I could be mistaken. If we are to believe initial reports about the sex tape it turns out that Kanye West is quite the fucking machine himself, and that in one of the segments of the sex tape he is pounding the slut for forty minutes straight. Unfortunately the sex tape does not feature Kim Kardashian in it looks like they have been able to keep that one secured, but sources say one of the segments features a girl who looks just like Kim though so that's something at least. I would love to see a new sex tape from Kim Kardashian because her ass has gotten more fabulous over the years, like Butters from South Park says it's like a giant bowl of pudding! Kim is like the ultimate hot wife she just needs to find her a nice cuckold to serve her while she services all the NFL players at the football game after parties, think of how hot it would be to have her to smother your face with her fabulous ass after its been filled with NFL cum. Well hopefully eventually Kim will get starved for attention and will bless us with a new sex tape, until then we will have to be thankful for the one she has already given us.

Charlotte Stokely posted a picture of her pretty foot on twitter the other day and I was so taken over by its beauty that I just had to write about it, she has her toenails painted up so nice and pretty in my favorite color that they are just begging to be worshipped by some lucky foot lover. I have been such a huge fan of Charlotte's ever since I first encountered her when she a newbie to porn, I love her pale white skin its is so beautiful she is like an ivory statue. So many girls today are obsessed with tanning but I guess I'm weird because I prefer girls without one, and I'm glad to see that she still keeps her skin just as beautiful today. Charlotte Stokely also has a special place in our hearts as she was one of the first porn stars to ackknowledge my site when I first came up with the concept, she totally gets what we are about and has been a great friend to us through the past few years. Her toes there are so gorgeous they need to sucked one by one and be cleaned by a loving mouth, when you have a serious foot fetish its rare to find a set of feet so precious and so willing to be sucked on. Hopefully soon Charlotte will find the right foot worshipper who is willing to give her feet the attention they desire, if you ever make it over to Florida Charlotte my tongue is ready and waiting to lovingly clean your dirty feet anytime you desire!

The slutwalks have certainly taken on a life of their own since the first one began in Toronto a couple of years ago, since then there have been many staged in various cities such as Boston, Las Vegas, Tallahassee, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco amoungst other places around the globe. It is certainly a noble effort being taken up by women who want to show the world that there is no shame in being a slut, that just because a girl likes to dress provocatively and sleep with strangers does not make her a bad person. These slutwalks are making a bold step towards the goal of taking back the word slut and turning it into a positive thing, young girls today are so lucky because they don't have to be ashamed of expressing their sexuality in any way they choose. Whether its walking down the street wearing skimpy outfits or shaking her ass on stage for tips, there is not a damn thing wrong with showing off her body for everyone to enjoy. I wish I could be at the slutwalk in Chicago to watch these proud sluts walking down the street showing off their hot bodies and cheering them on, I bet there will be some crazy parties in town that night! I hope this movement keeps up its momentum and we have many future slutwalks to enjoy, I haven't had the pleasure of attending one yet but I hope another one hits Florida soon so I can do my part.

Yes you have read it correctly the beautiful and gorgeous teenage bride Courtney Stodden has finally turned eighteen, so I guess that means that its safe for guys other than her husband to perv all over her. Of course the porn companies were just waiting for the day to flood her with offers to fuck on camera for big bucks, cause that girl was just made for porn. But she stated on her twitter account that she will not do porn but is all up for doing a shoot for Playboy, there are conflicting reports right now as to whether Playboy is interested or not but I have a feeling that she will eventually end up in the magazine. I'm surprised to not hear Larry Flynt making her an offer to appear in Hustler, for I would surely prefer to see her showing the pink in that magazine. Larry Flynt has a long history of making such offers to celebrities, back in the old days he used to have a million dollar list of hot famous gals he would pay a millin dollars to if they they did a photoshoot for the magazine. Doug Hutchison the husband of Courtney is sure one slick dude, how in the hell do you convince parents to let you marry their hot teenage daughter? Guess they figured she was going to give up her pussy to somebody so it might as well be a rich old guy, he was financing her music career but I think that has totally flopped now. Still he has got to be the luckiest guy on the planet to be able to savor that hot little slut every night, she is certainly a great inspiration to other hot young girls all over the world. Its funny they have been married for over two years now and her parents are getting divorced, not sure what the details are but I think the mom has been living with Courtney and the old guy out in California for a while,. Anyway I hope we get to see a lot more of Courtney Stodden in the future, and by more I mean totally naked and taking some big black dicks in porn while her very lucky cuckold husband looks on!

Hello everyone I want to welcome you to the new home of Slut Worship, I have been running this site haphazardly for a couple of years now, and its been a learning experience as one of my first attempts at running a website. When I began the site I was still working a full time job and persuing a masters degree in Information Technology, I have since finished my masters degree and recently fired from my job. So now I can devote all my time to worshipping sluts! I am a long time lover of porn and have been since I was a kid, I started looking at porn in elementary school. I had brothers who were much older than me and through them I witnessed the sexual revolution of the 1970's, they always had copies of the latest dirty magazines and let me have access to them. However they would not buy the tame porn most boys are exposed to like Playboy, they would buy the good stuff like Penthouse and Hustler. I read Hustler every month even the articles and I grew up admiring Larry Flynt for the way he stood up for what he believed in, and since I was living in the oppression of the bible belt south I could relate to what he was going through. He taught me to question those in authority and not accept the opinions that were forced upon me in sunday school, later on when I got into punk rock I expanded on this philosophy and it has always been a part of my core values.
Living here in the bible belt I always hated how society looked down upon the bad girls, and witnessed females who were my friends or relatives being shunned because they chose to express their sexuality. Even today I have to deal with people in my life making a big deal about interracial dating, or telling me I'm going to tell because I have a couple of tattoos. To be there is nothing more punk rock than a girl who flaunts her sexuality, having multiple partners or even dating outside her race. I have always found that the my best relationships have been with slutty girls, and have helped many girls over the years explore their dark desires. The term slut can be used in so many different ways both good and bad, but at its core it basically means a woman that enjoys sex. Its seems that since we are now in the 21st century that we need to shed these old prejudices and realize that having a promiscuous lifestyle is no longer a bad thing, with TV shows like the Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With The Kardashians girls are now being celebrated for being sluts. Now young girls are leaving high school and taking up jobs such as stripping or performing in adult films as a viable way to support themselves through school, and there is nothing wrong with this as long as they do it responsibly. Porn has been around in different forms for thousands of years and will be here as long as humans exist, so there is no way you are going to eliminate sex from the planet. Its a wonderful thing watching a beautiful young female express her sexuality on the big screen, showing the entire world that she is proud to be a slut and will enjoy all the big cocks that she can! If you have suggestions for things you would like to see on the new website please let me know, its still a work in progress but we will push forward to begin the slut revolution!