Staci Silverstone

Staci Silverstone is also smoking hot but there is something about those eyes
Reasons To Worship: 

Staci Silverstone is brand new cutie thats just entered the world of porn, she is all natural and we hope she stays that way. Her beauty is amazing she will certainly be burning up the screen,  she kind of looks like avy scott's lil sister or something and she says she is from Florida so it makes you wonder. She has beautiful come hither eyes that really draw you in and her body is also smoking hot but there is something about those eyes that really draw you in. She has stated that porn is a career choice for her and is a lifelong dream of hers, which is awesome is great to know that young girls are aspiring to be sluts on camera for us all to enjoy. We really live in a wonderful age where cute little eighteen year olds like Staci no longer feel shame in exploiting their bodies for money and fame, and fucking their way to super stardom and showing the world that there is no longer any shame in being a porn star. We applaud her for her courage and hope she has a very long career, and has many incredible orgasma along the way!

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